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We believe that having a unique and unforgettable dining experience is multisensory in nature. That is why at GRAMONT SOCIETE GASTRONOMIQUE Restaurant we strive to bring together in perfect harmony tastes, colors, sounds, smells, and emotions. 
Every detail is carefully orchestrated to create a symphony of sensory experiences. Therefore, we warmly encourage you to indulge in the exquisite flavors of our dishes, made with passion, purpose, and dedication.

08:00 - 11:00 Breakfast 
22:30 last order.
Phone:: 0722 115 151 

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We are honored and excited by the award received from the prestigious Historic hotels of Europe Collection. We are Top 3 in Europe in the category "Hotels with a story to share" and we welcome you to discover our story and experience a sensational stay in Bucharest. 

Step into the world of Gramont, where haute cuisine expertise has transformed the historic Suter Palace into Le Palais de la Gastronomie—a realm where the art of cooking transcends boundaries and creates a symphony of flavors and textures. Inspired by the visionary Viscount Louis Antoine de Gramont, the Gramont restaurant embodies elegance, modern artistry, and a deep appreciation for life's refined pleasures.

Nestled in one of Bucharest's most enchanting areas, Gramont brings together a community of individuals who cherish the finer things in life. It is a society that celebrates beauty, heritage, and a craving for exploration. At Gramont, simplicity is valued, nature and seasons are honored, and cultural barriers are overcome in pursuit of a boundless culinary experience.

With a firm belief in the limitless possibilities the world has to offer, Gramont takes its guests on multisensorial journeys, curating cultural wonders and introducing them to new flavors and textures, all filtered through renowned gastronomic expertise. Each experience is designed to be eye-opening, remarkable, and a celebration of Romanian heritage, French influences, and the intriguing blend of everything in between.

Within the walls of Gramont, a community of explorers and hedonists gathers—a collective that appreciates the artistry of cuisine and seeks to discover the world through their senses. It is a place where passions converge, where Romanian traditions and French culinary finesse intertwine, and where boundaries dissolve, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a culinary tapestry that knows no limits.

Gramont invites you to embrace the joy of exploration, savor the beauty of simplicity, and indulge in the pleasures that gastronomy can offer. Welcome to Gramont, where each visit invites you to rediscover the world, one plate at a time.