Suter Garden Suter Garden
Suter Garden
Disconnect to Reconnect

Dearest Guest,
Welcome to the Garden of Suter Palace, the place that celebrates nature in a discrete way, but 
with meaning, at the highest point of Bucharest, Filaret Hill.
We invite you to look around, take a deep breath, escape technology and listen to the sounds of 
our garden! We invite you to disconnect from the chaos of the city, from deadlines, from 
technology and reconnect with yourself and re-energize with good vibes!
Reconnect with nature, with your friends and family, with your spirituality.
As we all know, people always (re)connected better around the table, so we invite you to
our table, where we’ll ofer you a sensory overload with amazing food, created by Certifed 
Masterchef Henrik Sebok and the Suter culinary team.
Enjoy all of this with the people around you, share our sublime dishes with them, choose a wine 
together and fnish it all of with some sweets.
Happy (re)connecting! 
Suter Garden