Private events

Private events Private events
Event Facilities
A great event hall, excelent food, special drinks, good music and accommodation providing a luxurious experience.
Event Hall
It is a perfect place for intimate events, with a capacity of 55 people. The event hall is connected to Suter Garden. Everything for a great atmosphere.
Indulge in the exquisite flavors of the dishes prepared by Chef David Contant, member of the renowned Maître Cuisiniers de France association and his talented team. Every item on the menu is carefully created with purpose and soul, with intentions of sharing the unforgettable flavors. Experience unique and multisensory moments at Le George Restaurant and Suter Garden! 

The most delicious drinks that suit each taste. At Suter Palace, you have the famous Champagne F 1 and a variety of good wines.
Let our sommelier lead you into the world of magical wines!
Great music and dance! 
The musical ambience will be provided by the DJ, who is responsible for creating special moments for your event. If you have a favorite DJ, bring him to Suter Palace and make him part of your event!
If you want an absolutely new experience, choose to sleep at the Palace.
We offer you elegantly designed rooms that create the atmosphere of a night with aristocratic and luxurious notes.
Event Types
Corporate Events, Private Events, Private Parties. Suter Palace perfectly suits you!
Corporate Events
Bring your team for an enthusiastic and successful corporate event! Having a special attention to every details, Suter Palace offers you all you need for a great experience.
Corporate Events Corporate Events
Private Events
It is time for you two to make your dream come true! An event like this deserves perfect services and a great location. Unforgettable moments.
Private Events Private Events
Private Parties
If you wish to surprise your friends, bring your party to Suter Palace! 
Cocktail night, good music and a dedicated service team to take care of you and your guests.
Private Parties Private Parties
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We are honored and excited by the award received from the prestigious Historic hotels of Europe Collection. We are Top 3 in Europe in the category "Hotels with a story to share" and we welcome you to discover our story and experience a sensational stay in Bucharest.