SUTER PALACE, an architectural jewel built in 1906, in neoclassical style with Romanian traditional Brancoveanu influences, by the Swiss architect Gustav Adolf Suter, a close friend of King Carol I of Romania,  hosts today the most spectacular 5 ***** hotel in Romania - SUTER PALACE HERITAGE BOUTIQUE HOTEL and sits majestically on the top of Filaret Hill, the highest natural point of Bucharest.

The story of the palace, as romantic and also as troubled, managed to pass the time and the splendid building breaks the times and, starting with 2007, reopened its gates as a hotel, rising with a surprising strength and elegance, in an extremely discreet location.  The building was completely renovated in 2017 by the new owners, opening as Suter Palace - Heritage Boutique Hotel at the end of 2018.


The interior of the Palace is a design statement in timeless style, which coherently combines the classic lines with a bold, current, sometimes even provocative chromatic. The interior design was made to the standards of an architectural work of art: the most precious and durable materials were used, such as marble and granite floors from Spain and South America, large fireplaces in marble and granite, precious chandeliers made in Murano, at Strass or Svarowski crystals, custom wallpapers, gold foil, silk, velvet and embroidery especially created for each room. All, symbols of a perfect lifestyle, are offered to guests in a not ostentatious manner, but in a current aproach, accompanied by the most sophisticated contemporary digital facilities, the design of the current interiors being signed by Masha Verhoogt.

But the heart of the hotel is a creation that combines with inspiration strength and finesse, engineering rigor and freedom of creativity, essentials and opulence, value and beauty. It is the creation that annually brings many visitors, the simple curious or fine connoisseurs to admire it and to borrow a little from its brilliance: the famous chandelier of the SUTER PALACE hotel


In the hotel’s lobby, the impressive Murano Crystal Chandelier has been enthroned since 2007, the largest chandelier of its kind in Europe, over 14 meters long and with more than 2000 crystal wands, inspired by the work "Endless Column" ( Column of Infinity) by Constantin Brâncuși. The wonderful interpretation was made by artisans from the island of Murano after an original model designed by the first contemporary owner of the building, who also restored the palace to open it as a boutique hotel.

A work of great craftsmanship and extreme finesse, the chandelier consists of three large sections that, in order to successfully combine them, the master glassmakers of Venice initially assembled it in the dome of an old abandoned cathedral. It was later disassembled and transported to Romania, an operation that required impressive logistics.

Placed in the center of the spiral staircase that forms the backbone of the Suter Palace Hotel today, Romanian engineers imagined in the attic of the small palace a complex, ingenious and efficient structure to support the over 2 tons of work but also the extra weight it can acquires during earthquakes.

2033 sticks of the purest Italian crystal, produced and modeled in the workshops on the famous Venetian island, diffuse in the Florentine mirrors that surround it along its entire length a magical, vibrant and intense light, which made the famous chandelier of  Suter Palace hotel a real attraction, sought after and admired to the same extent by the rezidents of the city and also by the hotel guests.

Immortalized in images by the guests, the subject of some original photographic projects or the research piece in the study visits of the student-architects or artists, the sumptuous crystal creation pampers its admirers with numerous and unique facets. Easily explored along its entire length on the Carrara marble staircase that surrounds it, the splendid light column offers those who have enough patience to discover it, impressive perspectives, often infinitely replicated in the mirrors that accompany it and increase its brightness.

A heart-of- light that makes the most spectacular 5 ***** hotel in Romania an unparalleled destination that you can put on your wish list. We guarantee spectacular images with princely valences!